URI aliases have an important social function on the Web of Data as they are dereferenced to descriptions of the same resource provided by different data publishers and thus allow different views and opinions to be expressed. This is apparent in the Web of Data, where the Geonames 27 data set frequently serves as a hub for other data sets that have some geographical component. 2  Hash URIs A widespread criticism of the 303 URI strategy is that it requires two HTTP requests to retrieve a single description of a real-world object. Chapter 2 introduces the basic principles and terminology of Linked Data. So what is the rationale for adopting Linked Data instead of, or in addition to, these well-established publishing techniques. Within the RDFa context, hash URIs are defined using the RDFa about= attribute. 8  User Generated Content and Social Media Some of the earliest data sets in the Web of Data were based on conversions of, or wrappers around, Web 2. Instructions on how to add data sets to the catalog are found in the ESW wiki 3. The application supports educators in the creation and management of literature lists for university courses. The numbers are taken from the State of the LOD Cloud document 22 which on a regular basis compiles summary statistics about the data sets that are cataloged within the LOD Cloud Data Catalog on CKAN. This cross-domain coverage is crucial for helping to connect domain-specific data sets into a single, interconnected data space, thereby avoiding fragmentation of the Web of Data into isolated, topical data islands. These are the things whose properties and relationships will be described in the data, and may include Web documents as well as real-world entities and abstract concepts.

As Linked Data URIs are globally unique and can be dereferenced into sets of RDF triples, it is possible to imagine all Linked Data as one giant global graph, as proposed by Tim Berners-Lee in [17]. owl:equivalentClass and owl:equivalentProperty can be used to state that terms in different vocabularies are equivalent. N-Triples N-Triples is a subset of Turtle, minus features such as namespace prefixes and shorthands. This raises three key questions: How best to provide access to data so it can be most easily reused. 1 gives an overview of the number of triples at this point in time, as well as the number of RDF links per domain. 2  Geographic Data Geography is another factor that can often connect information from varied topical domains. The relative advantages and disadvantages of the different serialization formats are discussed below, along with a code sample showing a simple graph expressed in each serialization. The fourth Linked Data principle advocates the use of hyperlinks to connect not only Web documents, but any type of thing. The description of Birmingham provided by DBpedia, in turn, contains RDF links pointing at further data sources that contain data about Birmingham validating identity firewalled. This guidance is also supported by members of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) 2. By common agreement, Linked Data publishers use the link type http://www. Users and online retailers benefit through enhanced user experience and higher transaction rates, while the search engines need expend fewer resources on extracting structured data from plain HTML pages.

For example, a hyperlink of the type friend of may be set between two people, or a hyperlink of the type based near may be set between a person and a place. Therefore, setting RDF links not only connects one data source to another, but enables connections into a potentially infinite network of data that can be used collectively by client applications validating identity firewalled. This helps to avoid heterogeneity by relying on ontological agreement..
. 1 200 OK 2 Content-Type: application/rdf+xml 3 6 9 11 12 Dave Smith 13. The second of these sites, /music 33, publishes Linked Data about every artist whose music has been played on BBC radio stations, including incoming links from the specific programme episode during which it was broadcasted. uk/vocab/sme#Team but also of the term http://biglynx. For example, relationship links enable people to point to background information about the place they live, or to bibliographic data about the publications they have written. This openness is a likely factor in the success of the project in bootstrapping the Web of Data. The book discusses patterns for publishing Linked Data, describes deployed Linked Data applications and examines their architecture. uk/vocab/sme#SmallMediumEnterprise is interlinked with related terms from the DBpedia, Freebase, UMBEL, and OpenCyc. ..


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